Kerbino Wol

is a South Sudanese entrepreneur and philanthropist who is committed to building a peaceful and prosperous society in South Sudan.

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About Kerbino

My Background

Kerbino Wol is a South Sudanese philanthropist and entrepreneur committed to building a peaceful and prosperous society in his home country . He believes firmly in creating opportunities for his people to succeed. He is convinced that the way to progress and development is by investing in the future of South Sudan.

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Causes I Support

Kerbino Wol is the founder and Executive Director of the Nile Foundation (NIFO), a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Juba, South Sudan. NIFO is dedicated to empower the youth through sports, entrepreneurship, education, and vocational training programmes . Kerbino funds the Nile Foundation by donating a percentage of his profits from KASS Security.

The Nile Foundation

What We Do

The Nile Foundation aims to provide a platform for youth to develop themselves academically, socially and through sports.



Kerbino started off his business career when he founded Kerbino Agok Security Services (KASS). He began providing basic security services to local businesses and diplomatic missions.

As KASS expanded to include more technologically advanced services, Kerbino diversified his business portfolio by creating KASS Group Limited. KASS is a 100% South-Sudanese owned company, and boasts one of the largest corporate footprints within South Sudan covering over 200 locations countrywide. KASS is a total security solution provider.

The company is legally compliant and fully registered in South Sudan. KASS Security deploys highly trained and specialised security personnel from their base of operations in Juba, South Sudan. In 2015, the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture awarded KASS a Certificate of Appreciation in honour of its outstanding contribution towards economic and social prosperity within this country.

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Life Is Like Climbing A Mountain

I believe that patience and building a solid foundation is imperative to success in life. I decided to become an entrepreneur and founded KASS with nothing but hope and a desire to improve my home country. I was working as a guard protecting the president, vice president, and delegates to South Sudan. In addition, I worked as a senior security advisor for USAID projects, the Carter Center, URG, GIZ, and World Vision.

I built a sound reputation for being reliable, professional, and effective. Some of the foreign delegates who frequented South Sudan on official visits, expressed interest in exploring the country on personal trips. At that moment I began to envisage a market for private security.

When I began developing KASS as a private firm, I was enthusiastic and ambitious, but lacked proper support. I never gave up. When KASS was finally launched, the first few months were extremely difficult. I was operating on a loss and supporting the business from my work salary.

It took me months before I turned a profit, but I kept moving forward. I studied the market and began to understand how KASS could expand and grow. I was awarded contracts from major NGOs and companies in South Sudan. This allowed me to employ hundreds of locals to help grow the company. When the enterprise began showing regular profits, I started making long-term plans and reinvested revenue into the company to stay abreast with the market demands. I invested in several areas of technological security, as well as GPS trackers, detection dogs, and cash-in-transit services.

If you want to be successful, be patient and first build a foundation. Life is like climbing a mountain – every step is important progress. No matter how many times you fall or feel like giving up, you keep on pushing and focus on reaching the summit.

Tough times don’t last, but tough people doYou are either in or out, do it right or don’t do it at allIn life you are your own CEO

— Kerbino Wol —


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