Professional Background

Before he founded KASS, Kerbino had extensive work experience where he obtained knowledge and valuable skills that later helped him lead a successful business career. He provided logistical and security consultation for various organization working in South Sudan following the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. His work included initiation and implementing logistics plans for project development, providing procurement and logistics and providing security services to government and private organizations operating in remote regions, disaster areas and high threat environments.

The success from KASS has allowed Kerbino to expand beyond security and risk management and diversify his business portfolio. As an entrepreneur Kerbino believes working hard, doing things right, and being patient yield positive results.

KASS Security Services 

Kerbino Agok Security Services (KASS) is a private security firm based in South Sudan. KASS offers man guarding, close protection services, risk advisory and management, and advance technological security services to ensure safety. KASS offers close protection services for diplomats and corporate guest to South Sudan. The 24-Hour Emergency Response teams include the Mobile Response Team (MRT) and the First Responders Team (FRT) with the ability to mobilize and respond in minutes to panic and emergency situations.



Here are some products and services offered by KASS:  

  • Man Guarding
  • Risk Management Consultancy
  • Cash in Transit
  • Vehicle Trackers

For more about products and services, partnerships, and information about KASS visit our website  at


Kerbino’s Restaurant

Kerbino’s Executive Conference Center and Kerbino’s Flame Grill are the latest projects in Kerbino’s entrepreneurship portfolio. Kerbino’s Flame Grill brings a new taste and style revolutionizing the South Sudan restaurant industry. Kerbino’s Executive Conference Center creates a new culture for conducting meetings by offering technologically advanced smart tables and a training room for conducting workshops and seminars.

Kerbino’s Executive Conference Center

Kerbino’s Executive Conference Centre is the latest development in conference centers. The conference centre includes a main board room with twenty-two seats, two smaller board rooms with eleven and fourteen seats, and a thirty-seat training room. The Center includes high speed internet, technological advance features build into the tables, and a webcam for video conferences. For more information visit our website at

Flame Grill

Kerbino’s Flame Grill introduces a new standard for the South Sudan restaurant industry offering quality service and delicious food.  The Flame Grill includes a bar offering a variety of beverages and delightful wine. Coffee, fresh juice, cold beer, smooth cocktail, juicy steak, bbq ribs, and a beautiful environment are some of the many amazing things you will find at Kerbino’s Flame Grill. If you are in Juba and looking for an amazing place to dine and relax visit Kerbino’s Flame Grill.


Visit to see the full Kerbino’s Flame Grill menu and to reserve a spot at the Kerbino’s Executive Conference Center.