Kerbino invited to the African Oil and Power Conference in Juba

Kerbino Wol was invited to participate in the African Oil and Power Conference held in Juba on October 11-12. The conference attracted investors from across the globe to discuss the prospect and potential of the South Sudan energy sector.

Kerbino lead a panel discussion on security and stability in South Sudan. He spoke about his security company KASS, its technological capabilities, proven track record, and lucrative potential. Kerbino introduced fresh ideas regarding securing South Sudan’s most

important assets and attracting investors to partner with locals in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Kerbino has extensive experience in the security sector. He served as an Security Consultant for USAID, Carter Center, URG, and the World Vision advising and implementing various projects. His knowledge, experience, and security background made him a valuable asset for the Security and Stability Panel.